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Automation devices deliver solutions with high performance and flexibility to be effectively deployed within diverse industries and applications including water, building infrastructure, data centers, renewable energy, machinery automation, material handling, marine and more.

DGA Automation India Pvt Ltd offers products, services and solutions through multiple revenue streams comprising two business segments, viz. Power Systems and Industrial Systems.

Quality Policy

DGA Automation India Pvt Ltd is committed to deliver Electrical Engineering Solution and Services of reliable Quality, required by our customers.
It is achieved by continual improvements in systems, processes, products, services, involvement of people and training of people.
We believe Quality people create Quality products which in turn create Quality institution of value to society.

Our Core Values

  • Dependability – for fulfilling our promises to our end clients, our vendors and employees
  • Reliability and Consistency – in system & processes for continuous enhanced performance.
  • Honesty and Integrity – in all transactions and relationships.
  • Human touch – in this technologically advance world, we still believe and emphasize on human interaction in all our routine activity
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Our Services

Deals Mainly with Execution

DGA Automation India Pvt Ltd deals mainly with execution of Turnkey Electrical & Automation contracts, offering services for Erection, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of HT & LT overhead & underground cable, Transformers, Panels, Switchgears, Commercial Electrification and Industrial Electrification for private as well as government sector.

We are Committed

We are committed to putting our customers' needs first. We are specialists in distribution, system integration and product referencing. Simply put, we’re there with the right solution when and where our customers need us. And we're well-positioned to provide leading edge solution for years to come.

We Support the Industry

We support the industry in the field of automation through the supply of most of the Instrumentation like power supplies (SMPS), AC drives, controllers, transmitters, Sensors, energy management instruments, signal conditioners, control panels.Our system Engineers have vast experience in all aspects of program design and development.

Specialization in Batch Processor

The company has specialization in Batch Processor Application, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Material Handling, and Water Treatment & Distribution and Packaging etc.

Integrated Systems

From stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems, our solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments

24/7 Support

As such we have proved ourselves as a one-stop shop for industry’s complete automation needs

Faq Question


We are a certified panel shop, and can provide a number of other requested certifications, such as CE and CSA. allowing us to provide explosion-proof, purged/pressurized, and non-in drive panels for a variety of hazardous locations.
We put every electric control panel we produce through a rigorous simulation testing procedure to assure that all aspects of the panel are performing as intended. For a better understanding of this critical step, view our video on simulation testing. Or download our flyer on simulation testing. In addition to building electrical control panels for systems we design, we also have a thriving build-to-print business segment. If your in-house engineers have already designed a control panel for a given application, we can build panels to your prints, providing engineering and design review in the process to assure the panels produce the best results at the best possible price

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Programmable logic controller (PLC) control panels or also known as PLC Automation Panel are one of the most important and efficient kinds of control panels. Which are generally used in variety of electronic and electrical circuit fittings. PLC Control Panels we manufacture are highly capable of giving higher output at less power consumption. Integrated with solid PLC logic and flawless PLC hardware programming.

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DGA AUTOMATION INDIA PVT LTD is a firm specializing in engineering, consulting, manufacturing and integration of automated production systems. We provide innovate technological solutions to a wiled range of customers in the fields of manufacturing and industrial processes with the help of our team of qualified experts in mechanics, electricity, automation, robotics, instrumentation and information systems.

The perfect solution meets the customer’s specific needs. We look at the installed base, the capabilities of the customer’s technical team, the features and capabilities of the technology, and the intended use and lifespan of the solution. There are always trade-offs, and we focus on developing a solution that gives the customer best-of-breed technologies that fit its production environment and that its team can support.
That’s our approach to delivering the right automation solution, and over time our customers have shown it is one they endorse

PCC/MCC panels are made up of 14/16 SWG CRCA material semi bolted structure firmly supported. Ensures desired breaking capacities, temperature rise & IP protection. Enough Space for incoming & outgoing Cable termination. Outgoing terminals are stud type as standard practice. All starters are Type Two Co-ordinated. CT terminals, Cable Alley Illumination Lamp, Space Heaters with Thermostats are standard features of our Panel boards.  MCC/PCC/ DB Specification : CONSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES : The Design of the PCC/MCC panel is robust and rigidly constructed to suit a wide range of industries and buildings. The supporting structures which form the framework are made up from 2.0 mm thickness steel sections, fully pressed and punched by CNC machines. The door covers, partitions and panel parts are fabricated with CNC machines for high precision and accuracy. Base degree of protection is IP42. Higher degree of protection like IP54 or more can be manufactured on request. ABB/L&T switchboards can be supplied both with top and or bottom entry

AC And DC Drive
AC And DC Motors
Switchgear And Transformer
HT And LT Panels
Power Factor
Communication Cable and Connector

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As such we have proved ourselves as a one-stop shop for industry’s complete automation needs

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